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Please read both of these sections carefully before entering the event. 


See also the “On the Day” page for details of what you will need to do on the day. 

1. Competitors must read and comply with all Safety Notes (see below). 

2. The entry fee is £20 (£6 for under 16’s)

3. The START and FINISH are both by Hartfield House. 

4. The event can be done as a RACE, starting at 1.00, or as a CHALLENGE, starting at 12.00. The CHALLENGE is the better option for anybody who is not confident of completing the course in under 3 hours 30 minutes (the course closes at 4.30) and certainly for those who plan to walk some or all of the route. If you plan to walk all the way, you should start before 12.00. If you are starting before 12.00, please see one of the officials at the Start before you set off. If you decide you wish to change from the RACE to the CHALLENGE, or vice versa, simply tell the folk at Registration – there is no need to let anybody know in advance.

5. JUNIOR, under 16, entrants are very welcome, with appropriate consent from a responsible adult.

6. A list of entrants will available via Sientries from once entries have opened – see Entries page for the link.

7. REGISTRATION (from 10.00), tea after the event (from 4.00) and prize giving (about 5.15) will all be in Hartfield House.

8. Parking space at the START is limited so please walk or share transport where possible.

9. Competitor Numbers for wearing will be issued on the day, at Registration. They must be pinned to your front for both the run and the cycle. Please try to ensure that your number is clearly visible at the FINISH. There will be a “funnel” in operation at the FINISH – please dismount and walk through in your finishing position. 

10. We would like everybody to complete the event and be at Hartfield House no later than 5.00 so that you can enjoy the tea and prize giving and allow the Marshals to do the same. The FINISH will, therefore, close at 4.30.

11. Bikes can be left at TRANSITION, at Arrina, any time after 9.30am on the day of the event. An official will be present to ensure their safety.

12. Kit you require at TRANSITION should be in a bag attached to your bike. Any kit you leave at the START or at TRANSITION should be put in a bag labelled with your NAME. 

13. Kit left at the START or TRANSITION will be brought back to Hartfield House. Each year several items of kit are left behind – please remember to take your kit home with you. 

14. A waterproof jacket must be carried or worn on the run.

15. A helmet must be worn on the cycle.

16. Water will be available, at the Start, in Hartfield House (where there are, also, toilets and showers) and at Transition.

17. Please follow the Country Code and, in particular, leave no litter. 

18. Slipstreaming (drafting) is not permitted but please don’t cycle abreast and allow motorists to overtake as soon as possible.

19. PRIZES for the Race will be awarded in the following categories: Open (male & female), Veteran ie over 40 (male & female), Super Veteran ie over 50 (male & female) and Vintage ie over 60 (male & female). The winner of the Mens Open prize receives the Garry Innes trophy. In addition the following prizes are available for  competitors in either the Race or the Challenge: first ‘Local’ (male & female) and for the outstanding performance by an under 16 competitor. The under 16 prize winner receives the ‘Architects Trophy’,  donated by Greig and Kathleen Munro. The ‘Local’ prize is for those on the Applecross electoral role and for others on a discretionary basis. Finally, there is a prize, donated by Charlie & Carla Hornsby, goes to somebody who has made a notable contribution to the event.

20. No entrant will be eligible for more than one award unless the second award is the Local prize or the Hornsby prize.

21. The Event Organisers reserve the right to alter or amend the rules and route as circumstances dictate and their decision on any event-related matter is final.

22. In most parts of the peninsula there is no mobile phone signal.

23. Any ‘profit’ from the event will go to support the Applecross Community Hall and other local causes such as the Applecross Healthcare Society.

24. If you drop out before August, you are welcome to a refund of your entry fee or, if you wish to donate it for the benefit of the Applecross community, that would be greatly appreciated. Later it becomes difficult to fill places. A reduced refund of £10 will be available in August but none in September.




1. This is a strenuous event, much tougher than the total distance suggests, particularly in wind and rain – don’t take part if you are injured or feel unwell.

2. Make sure you fully understand the event details, know the terrain and distances. The track / path is  marked  but it is advisable to study the OS map and course description. A simple rule on the track and path is, “KEEP LEFT at all times”.

3. In the event of injury you may have a prolonged wait before assistance arrives. Carrying a waterproof jacket is mandatory.

4. The path is mostly firm but some sections are rough and / or steep. Care must be taken to avoid falls and twisted ankles.

5. In wet conditions there may be several stream crossings. Caution is required whenever wet rocks are used as stepping stones.

6. Make sure your bike is well maintained and safe. There are some testing hills and bends. Brakes must be efficient, particularly if it is wet.

7. A puncture repair kit (or spare tubes) and basic tool kit are strongly advised.

8. The road is mostly single track with passing places. Competitors must comply with the Highway Code at all times. Be alert to cars trying to overtake you and the possibility of oncoming cars in the middle of the road. Please be courteous to other road users and, in particular, do not cycle abreast. Cattle and sheep are also commonly encountered on this road. Applecross sheep are very unpredictable in their movement!

9. Water will be available at Transition but you may wish to carry additional fluid and / or leave some fluid and snacks with your bike.

10. Highland cattle may be grazing around the first mile or two of track, after the START.

11. If you are injured or need help inform the nearest Marshal or ask a fellow competitor to do so.

12. If you pass an injured competitor please note their ‘Competitor Number’ and rough details of their injury and inform the next Marshal you pass.

13. It is VITAL that any competitor retiring after REGISTRATION informs an official as soon as possible. If you drop out on the cycle, please, also, inform the Timers at the Finish even if you have already informed an official on the road.

14. Officials will be present at approximately 2.5, 6 & 8 miles on the path and at TRANSITION. An official will ‘sweep’ the run section. There will also be officials patrolling and sweeping the road by car.











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