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On the Day


We want to do everything possible to keep you safe and keep our community safe. We will update this section in line with Scotgov guidance applying in September.

As detailed on the Course page, Registration and the Tea / prize giving will all be at Hartfield House, next to the Start and less than a mile from the Finish which is on the road up to the Walled Garden.

So, all the key activities are close together and away from the main road. Hartfield House is affiliated to Hostelling Scotland and has 50 beds. It could be the ideal location for folk wishing to stay over the weekend – see Locality page for details.

From 9.30, leave your bike at TRANSITION, at Arrina (“Arrisa” on OS map), on the north coast of the peninsula. An official will be present to ensure their safety. The road will be busy and you need to allow an hour and a half for the return trip from  Applecross bay to the bike drop. If you are arriving on the day, whether from East or West, you will save a lot of time by dropping off your bike on your way to Applecross, using the road round the north coast of the peninsula rather than the Bealach na Ba.


The road to Hartfield House can be congested and parking space is limited – please walk or car share if possible.

10.30-12.30 Registration and distribution of Competitor Numbers at Hartfield House.  CHALLENGE entrants must be registered by 11.30


Hartfield House is signposted from the road round Applecross Bay

About 11.50 Safety briefing for CHALLENGE entrants at the START 

12.00 CHALLENGE start

The Finish closes at 4.30. If you are not confident of getting round in 4 1/2 hours and, certainly, if you plan to walk all the way, please start earlier than 12.00. If you are starting early please see one of the officials who will be around the Start organising parking.

About 12.50 Safety briefing for race entrants at the START

1.00 RACE start

About 2.15 – 2.30, first arrivals from the Challenge at the FINISH, close to the Walled Garden.

About 2.45 – 2.55, arrival of first Race finisher

After finishing, return 0.8 miles to Hartfield for Tea and prize-giving. For the purposes of the event the “Home” bridge will be open for car access to the Walled Garden and will allow direct car access from the Finish to Hartfield.

For competitors who finish early and for their supporters, the Walled Garden offers great refreshment options from tea and home baking to a full dining menu. It is also licensed!

The Finish will close at 4.30.

4.00 – 6.00 Tea at Hartfield

About 5.15 – 5.30 prize giving

Any items left at Start or Transition can be collected from Hartfield.

Later, dinner in the Walled Garden restaurant for those who can stay on. Early booking essential, 01520 744440. And, if energy allows, there will be a Ceilidh in the Community Hall which is a mile south of the Applecross Inn.









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